Vrienden van Vrienden

Vrienden van Vrienden is a social benefit consultancy platform that brings social-profit organizations, companies and their target groups together.

Design Challenge
Zuidzorg, the Health Care organisation that provides home care for elderly in the South of the Netherlands, has provided us their situation that works out fine at the moment, but seems to become problematic in the future: because of the expected increase in the amount of elderly in the coming years, the “Vrienden van de Thuiszorg” will probably not have the proper means to continue their current activities in the future.
We see opportunities in the fact that companies like Vogel’s are interested in the knowledge/experience of elderly, and elderly are interested in social activities and preservation of social-profit organizations like Vrienden van de Thuiszorg. Bringing these groups together is what we seem to be interesting. Therefore we define the following design challenge:

Design challenge 1: Find a way to make the knowledge of elderly valuable in terms of money.
Design challenge 2: Design a closed cycle in which every participator who invests also benefits.

In the current society people, organizations or companies do not seem to know how to generate value for others by interacting with elderly. Investments in elderly therefore have the character of donating for charity. According to the Dutch saying ‘Voor wat, hoort wat’ Vrienden van Vrienden therefore offers a way for companies to make an investment in society also an investment in themselves. By bundling financial means from companies with the knowledge and expertise from the Health Care Organizations and elderly themselves, we can contribute to the vulnerable group of social-profit organizations as well as we stimulate companies to make products that are better adapted to the user, leading to a better user-product interaction.

Elderly experience social interactivity as very valuable. For production companies their value lies in understanding the elderly and obtaining user insights and values in order to design better products.
For companies who want a more successful integration of the user in their design process and for social-profit organizations who are willing to expand their social activities “Vrienden van Vrienden” is the connecting element that helps these parties to achieve their goals. For companies who aim for more efficient user research methodologies and better user insights “Vrienden van Vrienden” is a platform that will help to obtain user insights in a moral responsible way. Social-profit organisations that aim for an ensured existence “Vrienden van Vrienden“ can offer the platform that will help in achieving their individual growth and expansion of the social activities they arrange, by helping to generate additional money flows.

photo credits: Laura van Geel