Update meeting

In this meeting the researches gave and update towards their developments to the project partners.

In this update meeting we looked at what everybody was working on and which activities jointly could be continioued.
During this meeting Sietse Dols presented the progress concerning the IRIS project on behalf of Eindhoven University of Technology and Hermes. Heater Daam and Maartje van Gestel presented their developments on the Empathic adventure suit.
Rick Schotman presented the development of his PHD and research direction. Also Simone Boerema gave a presentation with regards to here PHD.

In the second part of the meeting a atempt was made to map the research direction in to one model, to see were all the testbeds and signle activities meet in the Grey but Mobile project.


Photo credits; Nick Sturkenboom & Iyinoluwa Ayoola