SED learning cards

SED learning cards facilitate social learning processes wherein elderly experience the value of new technological products in a playful and interactive way.


This project started in a one week module in de Master program of Industrial Design at the TU/e. A video and some textual explanations are available via this initial website made after the module.

In the second week of April Alice van Beukering, Victor Donker and Marije Willemsen, all Industrial Design Master students worked on re-developing the concept to suit the needs of elderly who want to use the public transport system in Eindhoven. The OV-chipkaart (a chipcard with credit to use for traveling in public transport, by checking in and out while traveling) that is used in public transport in the Netherlands is not convenient for elderly and therefor the question from the municipality of Eindhoven is to lower the threshold for elderly to use the bus in and around Eindhoven. That full week was spend on finding the pitfalls for elderly when using public transport in combination with the OV-chipkaart. The focus was on explaining the meaning and functions of the different possibilities of the chipcard. These technical issues are explained step by step with the non-technological means of a quartet, the playing cards used in this concept as result of the module week.

The two videos bellow illustrate conversations with elderly, exploring and evaluating.



For any questions please feel free to contact Victor Donker via email or by phone on 06-25066457