Op Stap!

Op Stap! is a PSS stimulating eldlerly to use public transport, which provides a meaningful strategy to ease the transition towards the OV-chipcard.

OpStap PSS from Grey but Mobile on Vimeo.

The Challenge
The context of the design case for this module is the mobility care market for eldelry independent living in i2015. Public transport plays a large role in making it possible for the elderly to live independent. With this in mind analysis was done at the bus station in Eindhoven to find out what could be done to stimulate the uder of public transport among the elderly.

Mission Statement
We propose a new-customer journey in the form of a playful and distributed scavenger hunt for gradually revealing the tasks concerned with using public transport. In addition, we propose to leverage the emerging social incentives of certain local businesses like Douwe Egberts, HEMA, la Place, IKEA etc. To emphasize the joy of mobility.

Gemeente Eindhoven Generally wants more eldelry people to take the bus. They clearly see the benefits of using public transport for eldelry people. They believe in the social incentive of the word “public” and see the bus as a means to support practical- and social activities.

Connexxion Would like to continue the subsidized agreement with the Gemeente Eindhoven. But they also want to get rid of the diverstity of local ticket systems currently in circulation and are therefore in favor of using the OV-chipcard for all customers, including elderly.

Bus drivers Appeared to be under time pressure by their schedules and feel that they are therefore unable to socially cope with decrease mobility of elderly customers.

Local businesses Are eager for more customers throughout the weekdays. As the link between them and the eldlery population is mobility, they would promote the employment of new strategies for empowering eldlery to user public transport. They could rethink their marketing stretegies towards this target group for making a visit to their store worthwhile.

OpStap! ia a concept for increasing mobility among elderly people. More specifically, a service that promotes the user of public transport by making more easy and fun the customer journey. We propose a system that is embracing the purpose of mobility and empoweing the link between customer and local business. The product, service, system (PSS) that we propose is build around an offile tutorial- based introduction to using public transport and the accompanying new ticket system, the OV-chipcard.

Business model
Currently the city of Eindhoven pays probision to Hermes for arranging the public transport and letting eldlery travel for free. If the use of the Stadspas will disappear and Hermes is no longer receiving this money form the city of Eindhoven, the revenues of Hermes should come from its travellers, including the eldlery. The city of Eindhoven can contribute to making this shift in paying system. A new path of value exchange between the involved parties is illustrated in the picture below. The green arrows represent money, the blue arrow are products of services. In short the elderly will receive OpStap! from the city of Eindhoven, and free coffee from local retailers and transport by Hermes. In return they will have to pay for their trip by using the OV-chipkaart.

cleint:City of Eindhoven
Designers: Ard Jacobs, Robin van Kampen, Vivian Welten