IRIS transforms mobility from merely transportation, to a social event, making public transportation more social, accessible and comfortable for elderly.

The Challenge
The aging society is one of the biggest issues we are facing. In the Netherlands alone the amount of elderly will rise from 16% to 24% of the total population by 2040. Therefore it will be a challenge to maintain a high quality of life for elderly. Part of the quality of life is their mobility, which decreases with aging.
Due to this growing number of elderly the transportation that is funded through the social support act is under pressure. Thus there are opportunities for innovation within the public bus transportation.


IRIS is a platform that connects elderly with co-travelers of the public bus transportation. By being connected it will mean that you support the elderly in and around the bus when taking a trip. Thereby the public bus transportation becomes more accessible for elderly with decreased mobility.


Testing the potential
IRIS was the graduation project of Sietse Dols, master graduate at the Industrial Design faculty of the University of Technology Eindhoven. Throughout his project he researched the in context potential of IRIS in collaboration with the Grey but Mobile partners. Various forms of the IRIS platform were explored and the digital IRIS travel planner website was tested with the end user.