Innovating by Design Course

Innovating by Design is a TU/e course that aims to create innovations that support self-empowered and sustainable care systems in a local community.

In this course students are expected to evaluate existing products from a customer perspective, and to identify opportunities for radical innovation. Using a probing approach students are challenged to develop a deep understanding of customers in a real life situation. Students are then asked to rethink the value of current products, develop new insights that can help reformulate or discover new values for customers and come up with radical new product designs. Finally students have to scrutinize the new design evaluating it against the backdrop of existing products on the market and obtaining initial customer feedback.

The course involves project work that falls under the smart environment track in the TU/e health theme. The project aims to create innovations that support self-empowered and sustainable care systems in a local community. Clients: Zuidzorg, Vrienden van de Thuiszorg,

ZuidZorg Courant Concept

The goal  is to connect elderly people and stimulate them to participate in activities hosted by Vrienden van de Thuiszorg. This will be mainly done through publishing a monthly magazine (ZuidZorg Courant) in which past social activities and experiences are reported and reviewed by the elderly themselves. Next to this there is also an overview of upcoming activities included.

Platform Awareness Game Concept

A game that introduces elderly people to different digital media like Facebook, E-mail, Whatsapp and Skype to make them aware of what the differences are and then they can decide what platforms they would like to learn more about.

Moeke’s Cooking

The idea is that the elderly are in charge of the meals that are to be cooked. They can discuss with each other what to make and how to make it. Subsequently, they make the dish. The idea is that the elderly can invite friends or family to eat dinner together. This way they can share the receipts they have made, and pass their knowledge to younger generations.

Zuidzorg Folder and App

password: IBD

De Doofpot Game

The Doofpot game removes the social barrier by forcing the players to answer questions about themselves, which can spark conversation and also means that the players get to know each other better.


Buddy system for connecting groups of elderly and student interns and ‘buddies’.